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Woman Scams People With Her Late Husband’s Properties in Delta State




Mrs Judith Adimora
Mrs Judith Adimora. Image source:

A woman from Sapele town of Delta State Nigeria has been reported to be involved in the act of scamming people with her late husband’s properties. The woman’s husband had died some years ago, he was kidnapped and a ransom was paid to the kidnappers but the husband hasn’t been seen up to this very day, so the man is assumed to have been killed by the kidnappers.

Before the death of the said woman’s husband Mr Steven Adimora, he had several properties within and outside Sapele town. According to the Sapele Taffia a social media news blogger, this woman Mrs Judith Adimora had so one of her late husband’s properties located at Oduduru road off Otomewo road, Sapele.

The plot of land was sold to Kukuru Benjamin for a sum of ten million naira (N10,000 000). N9,500,000 was paid to Mrs Judith Uruesa Adimora, and the other five hundred thousand naira was sent to Barrister Orovwigho who happens to be the seller’s attorney. Mr Benjamin had paid a fee of one million naira to the agent in charge of the said property making the cost of the land amounting to eleven million naira.

The buyer started developing the plot of land immediately they all needed documents were transferred to him by barrister Orovwigho. There has been a building on the plot of land which the buyer already started renovating. The builders were working on the site when a group of men and some security officers appeared to say that the late Mr Steven Adimora has had a son who happens to be in the legal possion to sell the property. And it was further revealed that Mrs Judith Adimora had sold the land without the consent of the only son of her late husband.

The original documents of the property which includes the certificate of occupancy was tendered by Barrister Obiagba who happens to be the Anthony to the late Mr Steven Adimora. And the documents have further proved that Mrs Judith Adimora had sold the property with fake documents

The buy of the said property Mr Benjamin called the seller to report the issue but the seller wouldn’t say anything reasonable to solve the problem. The family of the late Mr Steven had to take the matter to the Benin City police zone 5 to register a case. And the police officer in charge of the case invited Mrs Judith to come for questioning but she didn’t respond, and she switched off her phone after few more calls and text to her phone.

In a bid to ease the situation, the family of the late Mr Steven invited the buyer their family home and advised the buyer to legally buy the property from them since they have the original documents signed by the late Mr Steven and his family Anthony barrister Obiagba. And the buyer was asked to buy the property again for seven million naira (N7,000 000) and the transaction went successfully.

A few days later, Mr Benjamin was back on the plot of land to resume work and after about a week time the fraudulent Mrs Judith Adimora return to the property with some men of the police force, saying the property has caused too much problems and for that reason she has to sell the plot of land again to a different buyer so she would refund the ten million naira she and her Anthony had collected from Mr Benjamin.

On the time of reporting this matter, the police are still carrying out their investigations, please check back later as we promise to give you new updates on this case as they come.

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