What is it and what are the functions of the Human Resources area?


The Human Resources area is considered one of the most important of any type of company.

Before starting to talk about the Human Resources department and functions, the most exact definitions will be given.

In the first place, it is known as the work carried out by the employees of a company.

Second, it is the responsibility of all those in charge to improve their productivity. Also, it is that management that is in charge of improving the potential of collaborators in the tasks they carry out.

But the importance of Human Resources (HR) is due to the fact that it is responsible for selecting, hiring, training and retaining workers. These tasks can be performed by a person or a department, working together with the managers of the organization.

In the same way, here we list the most important functions of a Human Resources area or department :

1. Personnel Planning

One of the functions that stands out in this area is to carry out personnel planning. In this way, know the needs of the collaborators that companies have in a certain period of time. Also know their types of profiles, what type of contracts are going to be made and what their salaries will be.

2. Recruitment

It is the strategy that they seek to attract new employees who are competent for the work and needs of the company. Similarly, it is important to mention that there are internal and external recruitment techniques. The first is to attract collaborators who are part of the company’s staff. As long as the last in which the collaborators are people outside the organization.

3. Selection

This function is also very important, as it is a factor in the success of a company. For this reason, several tests must be carried out on the candidate to determine if he will contribute to the job he is applying for.

4. Training of workers

This function allows employees to adapt to any changes in society and technology. In addition, the company must train you for the tasks that will be carried out within it to achieve its objectives.

5. Satisfaction and work environment

The first thing to do is detect the degree of worker satisfaction within the organization. But it is also important to know if there are reasons for dissatisfaction in order to eradicate them. All this so that there is a good working environment within the company that is reflected in productivity.

6. Personnel administration

It consists of managing all the procedures, whether administrative or legal, of the company’s workers. For example, there are the selection and formalization of contracts, processing of payroll and social insurance. Also, the control of the rights and duties of the worker.

7. Prevention of occupational risks

This point consists in studying the working conditions and risks. In this way, it allows the implementation of prevention and protection measures. In addition, its purpose is to ensure the tranquility and comfort of the people who work for the company.

8. Personnel disciplinary management

This area, as well as ensuring that there are good working conditions, is also in charge of the disciplinary process. In addition, they are the ones who communicate the sanctions, dismiss the workers for any fault and manage the corresponding compensation.

With all this, many companies must understand how important human capital is to success. All the more so when companies are in a growth stage. For this reason, Human Resources areas must assume leading roles in the implementation of business strategies. Since when developing talent, it makes it the main element to improve competencies between companies.


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