The best smart alarm clocks for home


The list of the best smart alarm clocks on the market today, with different features, features, and prices. Discover them here.

The arrival of smartphones with their many utilities seemed to indicate that alarm clocks had lost their function. However, in today’s technological world you have to adapt and that is what the manufacturers of these devices have done that wake us up from sleep.

Recently, smart alarm clocks have also appeared that offer many other functionalities in addition to waking you up. Next, we present to you the best smart alarm clocks on the market today.

Amazon Echo Spot, the most versatile

This device incorporates the artificial intelligence of Alexa. Therefore, it is the most versatile, since, in addition to waking you up, it acts as a speaker and as a virtual assistant.

With this assistant, you can control everything that affects your comfort during sleep, the temperature of the room, or the light. You can also make video calls and use this watch for other utilities that you have previously programmed.

A more modern version of this smart alarm clock is the Amazon Echo Show 5, which adds to all the features of the previous one a greater multimedia utility. For example, it incorporates the option of video and music through Alexa through 8 speakers and a 5.5-inch screen.

Philips Wake-up Light HF 3651/01, so you wake up gently

Also known as Philips Somneo, it is perfect if you want to have a smooth and natural awakening as possible. Thanks to its functions, it simulates the sunrise by gradually intensifying the light and noise. Also, it helps you sleep, since at night it darkens the brightness of the room and makes relaxing sounds.

The previous version of this model, Philips HF3505 Light Therapy, is cheaper and also has an LED lamp, a touch interface, and simulates the sunrise.

LaMetric Time Wifi Clock, for techies

This alarm clock is attractive to the eye with its two speakers and its matrix display. But, also, it is an independent device capable of being compatible with iOS, Android, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Google and Alexa assistants.

This means that, if you connect it to your smartphone, you can still use all the other devices that you have connected. Also, if you have programming knowledge, you can create and configure many other functions. Therefore, it is the ideal alarm clock for fans of technology.

Bonjour smart alarm clock

Endowed with an avant-garde air, he works as a virtual assistant helping you plan the day. It is managed by voice and, among other features, allows you to program it so that it does not wake you up when it rains and informs you about the traffic status.

Bonjour also gives you the ability to voice control different types of elements in your home, such as heating or lighting, among others.

Yoozon, the simplest and cheapest

This smart alarm clock is a simpler and cheaper version of those mentioned above. It wakes you up with a light that intensifies as the time to sound the alarm approaches. Also, you can buy it with seven-color lights and with six sounds for the alarm.

Ultimately, these are some of the best smart alarm clocks on the market today. To compete with smartphones or home automation brands, they have incorporated functions such as controlling your sleep cycles, virtual assistance with music and video playback, and even scheduling your tasks for the day. Which one will you keep?


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