1.- Smartwatch

The use of smartwatch in the world is increasing due to the various functions that this gadget can offer. Among the most popular smartwatches, there is in the first place that of the Apple series 4 brand, which among its main functions allows making and receiving calls, in addition to using almost all the applications of the phone on the smartwatch. The problem with this gadget is that this feature is available only in some countries since you need to get a (virtual) copy of your SIM and not all operators have this technology to do so. That is why in Peru this important function could not be used. In addition to this, its excessive price in the market, however, there are several options in the market at a lower cost and that has several of the characteristics of Apple’s smartwatch. Among them, one of the most important is to receive and make calls (by inserting a CHIP) in the smartwatch, so the best low-cost version of smartwatches so far is the SMx6, which has an average cost in the market from 80 to 120 soles, depending on the store where you buy it or the seasonal offers. You can buy one of these at our store, the first 50 units with a big discount. In addition to receiving and making calls, it has functions such as pedometer, sleep meter, receiving messages, among others.

2.- Smart RING

Smart ring to transmit information to devices. It is a ring that uses NFC technology, which allows data to be transmitted to mobile phones just by bringing the ring closer to the device, among the various utilities that this gadget has is the great utility it has is that you can share your contact information, telephone number, address, etc., thus avoiding giving contact cards and impressing your clients or suppliers. It also allows you to transmit URLs or links, even open a door if you have a smart lock or smart door.

3.- VR lenses

Various brands work on these devices and this technology is progressing more and more, taking us to unknown virtual worlds in which we are immersed, it is so popular that we can find these products for very cheap prices in the market. And if you love videos, you already know that the best version is played by PlayStation with its ps4 console and the new one that will be launched this year.

4.- Smart Band

The second fashion gadget in the USA. And Europe is the smart bands for all those sports fans, those who want to beat their records and get all the information about their training in hand, as is to be expected, there are also various options on the market, qualities, and prices, so you already know if sports is your thing, this gadget is a must on your wish list. If you want to buy one you can do it in our store.

5.- Speakers (ALEXA, GOOGLE home, Apple homepod)

Something that is revolutionizing the market in the USA and EUROPE are these smart speakers that connected to the internet can provide you with all the information you need, as well as make your purchases in amazon of all the products you want, the applications in which they are working to these speakers is infinite and each version improves considerably. Although these devices are not compatible with all their functions in Latin American countries, it is known that work is being done so that we can all use them very soon. The one that has had the greatest acceptance in the market due to its technological improvements is ALEXA from amazon, in addition to having different versions and sizes within the reach of all pockets.


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