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Police and vigilantes Killed Two Young Men in Delta (WARNING!!! graphic content! viewer discretion is advised)




Police brutality in Nigeria

A very reliable source has told the ST news media the young man wearing trousers on the first photo below is from Jesse town in Ethiopia East local government area of Delta State Nigeria. The young man was said to have complained about the manner at which the Jesse town police and the Vigilante has been carrying out a series of arrests within the town. It’s has been reported that the young man’s brother has actually been in the said police division’s cell for a few days.

The informant who narrated the story to St media had also said that the said young man was actually suspected to be under the influence of hard drugs or maybe alcohol because he was actually seen climbing the on the statue of liberty at the Jesse round about. From the way he was acting one could sense was not right about the boy. Just after he was seen hugging the statue of liberty, he then quickly climbed down and ran straight to the Jesse town’s police station to tell the police officers and vigilantes on ground that to see his brother that has been detained. It has been reported that the case of the young man’s brother has already been forwarded to the court earlier today.

Immediately the police officers noticed the unstable state the young man, they asked him to enter their office and after which the young man started demanding that his brother be released for him. These police officers immediately started beating the young man mercilessly without much questioning which was so unprofessional. The boy managed to escape from the officers and out of the building to a nearby house.

The young man returned back to the police station with an axe and started shouting saying his brother must be released. Now remember an eyewitness said the young man was under the influence of some drugs or alcohol, but it was so unfortunate that the police officers didn’t noticed or maybe they had pretended not to have noticed.

Despite the incoherent speeches of the young man the police officers could not apply some elements of professionalism in the case. They resumed beating him and this time the vigilantes had joined the police officers in the act. In the process of beating up the said young man, one of the vigilantes sustained an injury and immediately the young threw the axe he held on the floor.

Just when the police officers noticed that the vigilante man has been injured, they open at the young man as if it was a movie. The young man ran away after being shot but fell down at the gate of the police station’s building. And that was when it occurred to the police officers that they have been acting wrongly.

The police officers having noticed that they have killed a harmless, they came up with a rather devilish plan to cover their evil act. They picked up the axe brought in to the office buy young man who has just been killed and they broke into the cell where the young man’s brother was kept. They brought the detained boy out and shot him making two dead bodies.

A few hours hours later when the story of the incident has gone round town, news men visited the police station to have a chat with the police officers on duty. These police officers reported that the young man had come to the police station to break out his brother from cell, and they had to open fire at the two young men in an act of self defense.

In contrary to the statement written by the police officers on duty, few eyewitnesses who spoke with ST news media narrated the story different from what the police officers had reported.

Now my questions are these;

1. If truly the young man had come to break his brother out of jail, would he had come alone with an axe to fight police officers with fire arms?, And 2. why would the officers shoot the detained boy since he is unarmed?


Below are photos of the bodies of the two brothers

Police brutality in Nigeria



Police brutality in Nigeria




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