Mechanics of participation for contests in Social Networks


To boost sales and publicize the online store we can use different marketing strategies. Currently, all those actions that are carried out through Social Networks have great reception and help us to grow in the profile of said network and, also, to strengthen the brand. In the Social Media strategy, we must include a section for contests or raffles.

First of all, we will differentiate between a giveaway and a contest so there is no confusion. The contests are promotions that we made through different channels, such as social networks, to get potential customers to participate in exchange for a prize. The winner of the contests is obtained on their merit, that is why a jury is needed to decide who will be the winner of the online store contest. On the contrary, the raffles are promotions where the winner is chosen by chance. The mechanics of participation of the draws in Social Networks is quite different due to the factor of how the winner is chosen.

That said, we are going to explain different participation mechanics that we can establish in online store contests.

How to make the participation mechanics of the online store contests

The promotional participation mechanism consists of describing point by point how the contest that we carry out from e-commerce is developed. In this way, we must indicate who can participate, by which channel, the time allowed, and, most importantly, how to participate in the contest. We can create contests to take photos, videos, or write stories. The key will be to indicate the whole procedure to obtain the winner of the contest.

The jury is used to establish the winner of a contest, it can be a popular jury where there are very diverse personalities or an expert jury, where experts capable of evaluating each contestant are included. Chance does not come into play in this online store contest.

Photo contest

Which photograph is the most beautiful? Which one best represents the brand? We can create a photography contest on both Facebook and Instagram where we publicize the e-commerce products. There are different participation mechanisms, but the most common is to ask participants to upload their photos with a product from the online store, tag the e-commerce profile, and use the campaign hashtag. In this way, we will achieve greater repercussions on the walls of all the contestants. The winner will be chosen by a popular jury that decides which image is the one that most represents the spirit of the brand.

Video contest

As with photographs, we can hold a video contest, Facebook, Twitter, and, above all, YouTube is the ideal platform to launch this type of online store contest. The objective will be for participants to create an amateur video, upload it to the platform, and get likes or likes. The jury will decide who is the winner among the first 5 participants with the most votes. In this way, the number of contestants is filtered and we get a battle to be the one with the most likes (which causes the greatest impact).

Quiz contest

Another widely used participation mechanism in e-commerce contests is to create questionnaires. These questionnaires can be in the form of generic questions such as quiz, or directly as an e-commerce satisfaction survey. The information we collect from the contest will help us in making decisions for the company.

The question content can be created with specific tools for contests such as Easyopromos, they will collect all the data, and also the winner will be the one who has the most correct answers.

Phrase contest

Complete the sentence, give the photograph a title, comment in an original way…. We can ask participants to write a clever phrase about the product, brand, or campaign. The winner will be whoever is most successful.


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