Learn how email automation works in online stores


The email automation is a discipline of the marketing automation or attraction marketing, allows companies to prioritize and implement the actions of digital marketing swiftly and efficiently. It is possible to increase the rate of acquisition of new customers through automated actions that do not require great efforts for the company.

Marketing automation uses software to program specific actions based on user behavior

Through an automated email marketing strategy we can communicate efficiently with the client, enhancing the conversion. We want the customer to buy our products and for this we will provide data in such a way that we feed it with relevant information, it is one of the techniques of Inbound Marketing.

Phases of marketing automation in an online store

To carry out an email automation strategy, it is necessary to complete different stages of development based on a marketing strategy for e-commerce. All email automation actions follow a defined strategy indicating the way forward and the goal pursued by this action.

Customer Database

The pillar of an email marketing strategy is the database of contacts . All the communication actions that are defined in the marketing automation plan will be carried out on the emails of the clients, potential clients or sales leads that we have.

We can use the database that we already have or create specific campaigns to capture leads . There are different methods to get valid contacts to carry out the email automation strategy: adwords, facebookads, fairs, promotions …

Buyer persona definition

We know the entry of our leads, we have a record of them. So, what can we do now? The next step will be to convert that lead into a customer and for this we will have to define the buyer persona of the campaign.

For the actions to be successful and to work we have to make sure we segment the database correctly . Know the type of profile that makes up each database to adapt the message, tone and duration of the campaign.

Plan content

S and generate content for each buyer specific person has been defined. In this way , the lead is nourished with relevant and quality content , this process is known as lead nuturing.

The flow of emails that the contact receives will encourage them to become a customer and later become a subscriber to our e-commerce .

  1. The number of email automation campaigns that will be generated will be set according to the buyer personas detected
  2. Each campaign will have a start date and a duration time
  3. The content of the emails will be designed
  4. The workflow will be specified

Email flow

The workflow or email flow is the engine that makes the email automation campaign work . It takes a certain technique and a lot of creativity to build a truly effective and lasting email network . It consists of drawing a branched tree with all the automations that are going to be developed. After planning the email network, it will have to be programmed in the tool that manages email automation campaigns .

For each buyer persona a specific email flow is drawn and a different email is sent depending on the user’s behavior.

Test submission

Go ahead, every marketing campaign has to be checked and make sure that it works correctly, especially those that depend on technology. But in the case of email automation , testing is a determining factor in the success of the campaign . The amount of variations that email flows incorporate makes it necessary to verify them. An automation may be misconfigured and if it is not checked it would spoil the entire campaign.

Before sending massively to the entire Contact Base, it is appropriate to check the receipt of emails.

Optimization and control

The most complicated process of the email automation campaign is the planning and implementation of the automations. Once the system is working, our activity will be limited to checking that everything works correctly and analyzing the results.


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