Benefits of email automation in online stores


The marketing campaigns automation are trend, businesses increasingly committed to the discipline of the digital marketing . If your business does not yet have an email automation campaign, you are surely wondering: Why should we implement the automated email marketing strategy in e-commerce? For many reasons, today we review all the reasons to incorporate email automation actions into the e-commerce marketing strategy .

Reasons to create a marketing automation campaign in e-commerce

These are the main advantages of email automation in online stores:

Low maintenance cost

The first reason that we indicate to you is the monetary question. It is a marketing campaign whose initial investment is strong but then maintenance is low cost. Although launching the campaign has a cost in the long run, it compensates for the business.

The price of the email automation campaign depends on the email automation campaign management tool that we have chosen to create it and the time we dedicate to planning and generating the workflows of the emails that we are going to send.

Target audience segmentation

For the campaign to work effectively, the audience of the database must be defined and segmented. This process can be carried out automatically through the different tools available on the market. For example, we can synchronize the contact forms of the online store to different databases and each of them will receive a different flow of emails .

Putting a practical example. If we have an e-commerce for the sale of seminars, in each contact form of the webinar or seminar an automatic database will be created and the users who have provided their data will receive personalized emails, the content of the emails will be relevant to their specific needs.

Mass contact

Although one of the characteristics of attraction marketing that email automation uses is the generation of unique and relevant content for the user, it does not have to waste time sending private communications manually. The operation of email automation in online stores makes it possible to send the same content in bulk as long as the buyer person is well defined. That is, that the users of a database coincide in aspects such as needs, habits or behavior.

By classifying the database according to the consumer profile we can send content appropriate to what you are looking for, so you will have the feeling that the emails are personalized.

Task automation

Finally, we highlight the characteristic that defines the marketing discipline itself , automation. By automating tasks with software allows us to manage our time efficiently. The process is generated automatically according to the premises we have established.

The sending of emails is done in an automated way, the messages are scheduled according to the date or in response to a specific action of the user (for example, not opening the message in 3 days).

This feature also allows you to optimize e-commerce management . The need for attentive customer service staff is reduced at all times, the marketing technician schedules the email flow and monitors the result.


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