All You Need To Know About Innovation And Why You Need It To Help Your Company


“Renew or die” is a saying that we use as a catchphrase for many day-to-day matters, but as soon as we use it to define the Digital Age that we are having to live, it acquires a literal meaning.

Currently, companies need constant change and learning to stay in a visible position in the market, to continue growing as a brand, and reach more customers. And is that companies no longer work as they used to and now they have to focus their attention on the needs of the client and be able to anticipate any change to, ultimately, be one with the new current business ecosystem and not be forgotten.

With the Digital Transformation present, it is easy to lose the north and miss resources or not know how to invest time correctly in the development of new products and services that would be essential for the future of the company. For this, Focused Innovation was born, whose two aspects are based on the need to put the client at the center of the project, as the main axis, and the need for constant adaptation and innovation with respect to the current market, to be always connected with the present.

Getting both points to go hand in hand leads us, without a doubt, to this new methodology that helps to generate ideas and solutions in the creation process, always keeping in mind that the customer comes first.

The culture of Customer-Focused Innovation has come to stay and from the Zemsania Group, as experts in Digital Transformation, we want to talk to you about the vital importance that most technology companies incorporate into their ranks to keep up to date with the latest resources.

What is Focused on Innovation?

Focused Innovation is based on the clear idea that, the better we understand the needs and desires of our clients, the sooner we will reach the objective for which they have hired us and the sooner we will succeed since today’s clients are more than accustomed to immediacy, agility, quick and easy experiences. For this, it is essential that the world around our clients is concise, insightful, and very, very immediate.

At the same time, we must be prepared to work on the front line or “front-line”, always aware of the latest innovations in technology or to know what is cooking in the current market, to always be the fastest.

Therefore, to apply focused innovation properly, it is necessary to take into account a series of concepts:

Feel empathy

It is vital to work with the mind of our clients in our own mind and, in general, to put ourselves in their shoes constantly with the clear objective of being empathetic. To do this, we must understand the needs and desires to make a product or service focused on its objectives. Without this part, it is impossible to carry out the others.

Make Innovation a way of being

Innovation must be a key and constant part of each project. You must always be open to new changes or ideas, make innovation a way of thinking, always be up-to-date, and ensure that the company always achieves all its purposes.

Analyze the new technologies that surround us

Although technologies such as Artificial Intelligence or facial recognition have made our lives much easier, we do not always have to go to it to solve any gap in our project. When carrying out the client’s project, we have to analyze both the market and the company to know what is best for each stage of the project.

Trial and error, irrefutable proof of success

The only way to get good results as soon as possible is to put our innovations to the test in front of customers to get their opinions and improve. With your input, we can improve the experience until we reach the project goal.

With Focused Innovation, we have all the tools to create products and services that fully satisfy both the needs of our clients and those of the end-users, as long as we never forget that, for this, we must put the client in the right place. center and always direct our actions towards all kinds of solutions.


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