7 tech gifts to keep an eye on this Christmas


If you still need some other gift for this Christmas, Kings, or invisible friend, take a look at this selection of the best technological gadgets.

Christmas is the time of gifts. On different occasions during these special dates, we like to give and receive presents to our friends and family. And tech gadgets are always a good option. Next, we present the 7 best technological gifts to offer (or ask for) this Christmas.

Amazon Echo Plus

This smart speaker allows you to voice control all connected devices in the home, as well as listen to streaming music with great sound quality. The integrated voice assistant is Alexa and incorporates seven microphones to listen and perfectly identify what we ask of it: read us an audiobook, play a podcast, set an alarm, remind us of something specific at any time we want, etc. Also, its quality and price ratio is highly recommended.

Price: 150 euros.


Google Nest Hub

Google’s new smart device brings together the functions of different gadgets in a single product. That is, it is a smart speaker but with a touch screen. With it, you can see the Google calendar, use Google Maps, watch videos on YouTube, ask for things by voice, etc. Also, up to six people can use it and receive personalized information. It also incorporates some original functions such as the reproduction of photo albums as if it were an electronic frame or the thousands of recipes, all thanks to Google’s alliance with the Directo al Paladar cooking channel.

Price: 129 euros


Xiaomi Mi Band 4

Among the cheapest technological gifts, Xiaomi Band 4 is a good choice. This touchscreen wristband monitors your heart rate, physical activity, and sleep 24 hours a day. If you do sports regularly or want to start doing it, it is a good gift. Also, view calls, messages, and notifications from your apps. It is light, comfortable, waterproof, and will make you less dependent on your mobile.

Price: 35 euros


This little gadget is a finder for keys, mobile phone,s or anything else. How does it work? You tap twice on the button of your Tile, and your mobile will start ringing even if it is silent. It is the best-known locating device on the market, with a very attractive design and a perforation that makes it easy to attach it to different objects. So, if you are one of those who lose your head often, this gadget is ideal for you.

Price: 25 euros


Dyson Pure Cool Me

It is an air purifier, especially useful for people allergic to pollen, pet hair, or asthma. However, it is recommended for anyone who wants to clean the air and remove dust, mites, pollen, tobacco smoke, and so on. With its remote control, you can control its operation throughout the day. Also, it has washable filters and a timer.

Price: 350 euros

Sony WF1000XM3

These wireless noise-canceling headphones guarantee total immersion when listening to music or watching a series. Also, they have excellent sound and their autonomy can reach up to 30 hours. It also has the Headphones Connect application, which will allow you to control them perfectly. If you are one of those who loves to listen to music and you value sound quality, this is your gift. And if you prefer Google or Apple, these brands have also brought out their sound-canceling headphones.

Price: 250 euros


Google Pixel 4

It is the new Google smartphone, which among its many features, stands out for incorporating two professional quality cameras. Also, it has an effective functionality and a great speed of response thanks to the use of artificial intelligence managed by its processor. With Google Pixel 4, Google is committed to becoming a new leader in mobile telephony.

Price: 759 (64 GB) / 859 euros (128 GB)


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