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Insecurity in GT Bank’s Premises as ATM Users Fall Victims To Robbery Cases




source: Instagram @gtbank

The Sapele’s GT Bank’s premises in becoming a den for robbers as the bank’s security men does not seem to be performing their duties well enough. It has been quite a lot of times some persons had complained about their pulses and wallets being hijacked at the bank’s premises.

The said issue of snatching of the people’s belongings is already raising a need for security men to be more active in their work. It is right there in the bank’s premises that these robbers hide as they wait for their victims to walk in to them. According to the Sapele and Delta State news reporter Sapele Taffia, it has been discovered that some of the victims gets hypnotized and then the robbers takes the victims to withdraw their money at the ATM stand. So for that reason it becomes pretty difficult for the bank’s security men to detect the presence of the robbers.

At about 10 am today Sapele Taffia reported that a lady had gone to the said GT Bank’s branch and withdraw the sum of three hundred thousand Naira just last night. Because of the fact that the bank is fenced, bikes and Keke (tricycle) riders can park their vehicles in front of the bank as they pick up or drop passengers. So this lady took boarded a tricycle right there in front of the bank that evening and that was the last thing she could remember about that evening. According to the lady, she woke up in the morning only to find herself in a forest and that was when she found out that her three hundred thousand naira had been stolen.

Two days ago, another lady named Kumene Sophia who lives just after Wanix petrol station at Ugberikoko road Sapele was sent by her father to withdraw cash at the same GT Bank’s branch at about 9am but she couldn’t return until 5pm. According to the lady, she got to the, withdrew the money from the ATM and was waiting to board a bike when two ladies and a boy approached her and asked her to enter their car. She was taken far away into forest in the next to town. The robbers collected the money from her, her phone and her father’s ATM card and also requested for the card’s pin before they dropped her somewhere in the same town. The total money the robbers withdrew from the her father’s account is three hundred and sixty five thousand naira.

Another case was also reported last month, while the battle again covid19 has been an issue of concern to both the rich and the poor. A man of about 40 to 45 years old was also robbed of the forty thousand naira (N40,000) he withdrew from the same GT Bank’s branch’s premises. Same way the man said he only realized he had been robbed few minutes after the gang of men dropped him off somewhere around town.

Despite the high number of cases recorded already, the GT Bank’s security men have not for once apprehended any of the gangs of robbers and this issue seems to be getting out of hand. These security officers are hereby advised to pay attention to anyone or group of people found standing or walking about the bank’s premises.

And also the security men are advised to pay attention to any vehicle parking and waiting in front of the bank whether day time or during the night hours. And other security departments are also advised to be more attentive to this new development in town. It is very important for ATM Users to be more alert and be more security conscious, and do well to call on the police if anyone suspect any abnormal activities.

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