5 Tips and 4 Apps for Good Savings Management


If before it seemed almost impossible to be able to save, either you do not have willpower, lack of liquidity or others. Now technology can give you a hand to acquire what you want so much.

When you decide to save it is because you want to get something specific in the medium or long term. All avoid borrowing and paying in installments that come with interest. Here are some tips so that you can take the first step:

1.Set a budget

You must have a clear idea of ​​how much the monthly income is and order the expenses. To then establish a budget with which you can live all month without any need. In this way, it is important to reduce unnecessary expenses that may arise regularly.

2. Plan savings

Once you have ordered all the income and expenses that you have during the month. What you should do is separate 10% to 15% of what you have left to start saving them. If you realize that it is not possible to reduce any of the above amounts. So the idea is that you reduce your expenses and prioritize what is most important.

3. Set a goal

It is important to define what you want to buy in the future so that you know the amount of money you have to save. Be it a car, a computer, a house, etc. Calculate the time it will take you to reach the necessary figure and only then will you know the path to take.

4. Not carrying a lot of cash

The temptation is often strong and falling to buy those little treats is common. Although it seems insignificant, they get stronger if you carry a lot of cash with you. In the end, you do not remember what you spent it on, so you should avoid carrying a lot of money to reach the goal.

5. Open a fixed term account

This is also a great alternative, since having a fixed-term account at a bank. This is because it allows you to deposit a sum of money for the bank to invest. However, you will not be able to use the money for a certain time, improving your profitability.

6. Money saving apps

Nowadays applications help us to carry out different activities in a short time or they also remind us what to do. Here we leave you the savings applications that you can find in IOS and Android:

  • CONTROL EXPENSES (Weight: 5.3 MB – Stars: 4.6)
  • COINCH: SAVING TOGETHER (Weight 16 MB – Stars 4.4)
  • CHALLENGE 52 WEEKS TO SAVE (Weight 3.5 MB – Stars 4.8)
  • ACCOUNTING RECORD (Weight 12 MB – Stars: 4.6)


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